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About the Board of Directors

Confluence Charter Schools is a public charter school which was founded in 2000 and opened its first school in August 2003. Confluence has five schools in the City of St. Louis, Mo., serving students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The schools are Confluence Academy-Old North, Confluence Academy-South City, Aspire Academy (previously known as Confluence Academy-Walnut Park), Confluence Preparatory Academy and Grand Center Arts Academy. Confluence has one sponsor – University of Missouri-Columbia.

The Board structure calls for a minimum of seven (7) members and a maximum of 11. Each board member may serve two (2) three-year terms. Board members are volunteers who do not receive a salary. 

Prospective candidates to the board should have experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas: Academics, Finance, Governance, Human/Public Relations, Arts, Fundraising and Real Estate. Candidates must be committed to attending all general meetings (approximately 10 meetings per year), attend and/or chair committee meetings, share new ideas, build and enhance relationships, and fulfill the duties expected of a Director of the Board. Candidates are required to submit a current resume and complete forms required by Confluence to be recommended for acceptance by the Board of Directors.

Interested candidates should contact Confluence Charter Schools at (314) 436-2313 for more details.